Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 8: Sad Photo

A photo that makes me angry/sad

The only photos that make me angry are photos of kids fighting. I dont have any in mind or on my computer but when those stories are on the news I get SO livid! Fighting is so lame. It repulses me.

But, as I'm sure you could have guessed, I have lots of photos that make me sad.
As all my photos of Molly bring mixed emotions, I must say that I dont burst into tears when I see this photo, but it brings the least happiness of all of them because it was a moment of pure sadness. This would have been a good family picture, but I was unable to smile, I was unable to think, I couldn't do anything but wish things weren't the way they were.

If it weren't for the emotion I remember feeling while this picture was being taken I would adore it because of the way Lucas is looking at her. As a proud Father. If I can focus on him, this photo is the moment I waited for all those months. I loved watching him become a dad. I loved watching him hold his baby girl with pride and love. He said to me that she became his whole world the second he saw her. That makes me happy. And from now on I will see THAT when I see this picture.

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