Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 4: Favorite Book

My favorite book, and if it has changed since my loss.

I love the Book Of Mormon. It is from that book that we gain the knowledge and the hope of where our sweet Molly is. The change that happened in me when it comes to the Book of Mormon is only that it is no longer a place I go just for answers, or a book I read because it's simply uplifting on a hard day. This is a book that fuels me everyday. It's truths keep me walking, keep me breathing, keep me happy. This book and the teaching of modern prophets tell me that I have hope, and I will hold Molly again. That I will raise her. That she will always belong to Lucas and I. The Book of Mormon tells of the innocence of lost children and how they do NOT go to hell for not being baptized. It tells of how baptizing a small child is unneccesary because they have not sinned and are perfect until they are old enough to be held accountable. That until a child is 8 years old they are not judged for their sins because they did not know better. They go right to our Heavenly Father, and are happy.This truth is my air. I depend on it to have the strength to wait for her. And as any parent knows, my love for her is strong enough that will wait as long as it takes until I can see my baby.

Also, I had a dream about Molly last night, read it here

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