Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Dresser

We got this dresser with the idea of painting it black to match our black bed, but lately black furniture seems SO boring to me.

The house on modern family, Phil and Claire's, is my dream house. I love everything about it. Anyway, I finally got around to painting our dresser.

WalMart's cheap paint section doesn't offer very many colors, so I decided to go with Celery Green. I wasn't in love with it then. I am not in LOVE with the finished product, I think because our bedding is green but a slightly different shade of green. And that's a lot of greens in one small room.

Even though its not perfect, I like it better than it was before so that makes it worth it! (Plus I can either re-do it or I can sell it for more than I bought it for!)

But here you go!

(Carrie, your dresser puts mine to shame, but we both have always known you kick my trash at craftiness! hahaha )


Carrie Lynn said...

What?! No! You're dresser is AWESOME! I love it. Good job, Amber! You must be proud :)

Katie said...

I love it!!