Sunday, October 31, 2010

Molly's Memorial

When Molly passed away we decided to bury her and have the funeral in Colorado. We both grew up there, and want to end up there some day. To us that is home, so we can think of no better place to have her memorial.

Today my family went to the cemetery to see her new headstone. They sent us these pictures. I wish so badly that we could have gone too.

They placed it a month and a half earlier than we expected. Its beautiful. We picked everything, and wanted it simple and beautiful as she was.

It is horrible not to be able to go see it myself. I dont feel like I need to go to her grave site to talk to her, I talk to her here plenty. But there is something about being at the place where her little body is. I want to go. I want to be there too. These years we are far away in school will be hard. Because it would be nice to have a designated place where I go just to think of her. Where I dont ever go to think of anything else...if I'm there...she is filling my heart and my thoughts.

If you are in Colorado and want to go see her headstone, it is at the Olinger Chapel Hill Mortuary & Cemetery in littleton Colorado. She is in "baby land". If you go, I would love it if you would give her a flower from her mom and dad, since we cant and we ache for the chance.

Seeing the pictures is making me I'm not going to post from my 30 day challenge list today. Maybe tomorrow. Have a happy halloween


Jana said...

Just perfect. Absolutely beautiful.

Katie said...

Just want you to know...I still look through Molly's pictures and cry. I haven't stopped hurting for you.

Audra Jackson said...

Amber I will do so the next time I am in Denver. Hugs!!