Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 6 and 7

I forgot to do day six yesterday because we were leaving Utah, and we were a little...distracted.

Day 6: 20 things that calm me
1. A clean house
2. Looking at photo albums/scrapbooks
3. Making and Eating Cookie Dough
4. Talking on the phone to Sarah or my Mom
5. Being with the family.
6. Reading the scriptures
7. Writing in my journal.
8. Hot Baths!
9. Long showers.
10. The Beach.
11. Swimming
12. Holding a newborn. (this can either calm or sadden me lately)
13. Pictures of Molly.
14. Cuddling Lucas
15. Long car rides. I usually fall asleep in under 20 minutes.
16. Sleeping.
17. Being bored at work.
18. Getting my Back scratched.
19. Getting my legs rubbed
20. Having my hair played with.

Turns out I love being touched. Lucas learned early on that all he has to do is play with my hair for five minutes and I'll be sleeping.

Day 7: A photo that makes me happy.

I love this photo of me kissing Molly. She looks so beautiful and content. She was breathing on her own here, and this moment will always be one of the best moments of my life. ________________________________________________________________________________

Guess what?!

He's ours! His name is Moose.

So Lucas was a little nervous and unsure about getting him, because he wants to get the perfect dog and because his parents dont want us to get one. However, I warned him when we were dating that I am a little obsessed with dogs. I love them, and it takes all I've got not to buy one everywhere I go. I'm surprised we have made it 18 months and this is the first time I even attempted getting a puppy!

Often, I will cruise KSL to look at puppies. Then I found him. He was smaller and less fluffy in his picture, but I thought he was adorable. I called the lady and asked if she still had him and she said she did but that she couldnt hold him for me until we could get down on the weekend to see him. I was bummed and showed Lucas the picture and he said he wasn't that cute. I gave up. I actually let myself get frustrated because I had gotten my hopes up because I thought he was adorable. Then the weekend comes and we go to Utah and I get a text on Saturday that says, "When did you want to come see the puppy?" And I think... now.

I tell Lucas she still has him and we should just go look at him. He says he would love to look at him but he doubts he will like him. I am pretty sure at this point that he will say no to him, and I want Lucas to like our dog so I told him to be honest when we see the dog. I told him that if he didn't want him he just had to tell me that he wasn't what he wanted and we would leave without a dog no questions asked. We agreed.

I knew I would love him.

When the lady drove up and came out with him I squealed. He was so cute! He was bigger and fluffier than the picture that was first posted of him and he was SO cute. I held him and was in love, then I handed him to Lucas and he looked really happy too. He set him down and played with him for a minute and said, "Okay. Let's get him." SO we got him! I was SOOOO happy! We decided a year or so ago that we would name our future dog Moose, and we thought it was a good and ironic name for him. He doesn't know it yet, but he will.

I know a lot of people will be disappointed we got a dog. But I have waited my whole life to be married and in a situation where we can get a puppy. Now, with our house seeming so empty all the time, and my nurturing desire being cut short when we lost Molly, I honestly think having Moose is theraputic in a way. We have something little and needy to take care of. Its not the same, but it takes our lonliness and hides it some. Lucas is in full on dad mode with this dog. He is obsessed with making sure he is happy and perfect and fed and cuddled and taken outside every 5 minutes. He is cute.

He is a shi-tzu/ Toy Australian Shepherd mix, or a "Shaussie". He is supposed to get to be around 15 lbs full grown. I love him!


Liz-a-nator said...

Yay puppy! He's ssoooo cute! I wanna squeeze him. And I think it's a really good idea to get a puppy. There's all kinds of scientific evidence that pets are therapeutic when handled well and maturely. And you are well and mature. Welcome lil Moose!

Stephanie said...

oh my gosh he is precious!!

Audra Jackson said...

Sooo jealous yet sooo happy for you! Barry and I want to get a cocker when we move into our own place. I wish that we could get one now.