Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 3: A television Program

A television program that moves me, or helped me get through the hard times.

This one is easy.
My in-laws became borderline obsessed with the show "Chuck". They had told us that it was hilarious but we were just not focused on trying to find a TV show to watch. Then we went to Colorado for Molly's service and to pass time we agreed to sit and watch the series pilot episode. We sat and watched it for a couple hours. It was just the kind of light-hearted, silly, charming, and easy watching show we needed. We got sucked into it.

As soon as we got home we purchased the second season and watched it, then when the third came out we bought that. The fourth season is on TV now, but unfortunately the whole premise of the show is getting a little out-done. The main characters who you root for a relationship got together too soon, and now the show just dances around it. I'll always appreciate that show for how it helped me escape my thoughts and actually feel like my normal happy silly self.

If you do watch it, I hope you agree with me. My favorite character is Casey, he's hilarious.


We are still giddy over our new apartment, and now trying to choose an apartment color. But that will have to wait because we are going to Provo this weekend for my nephew Hank's baby blessing. We are a little nervous because that was one of the things we were most excited for when it came to Molly. A friend of mine even crocheted her a dress for the event, and instead of being blessed in it it became her burial dress. She looked like an angel.

We already had a baby blessing in Church. (The daughter of the lady who I did this to) and I cried hard after and had to leave the chapel. Lucas got emotional but held it together better than I did. This might be harder for him since its family and he will participate, probably. It's worth it, though. I'm so excited to see my Nephews!

Also my mother in law is giving me a Cricut Machine for scrapbooking. I'm SO excited. I've been making Molly's memory book and its taking forever, but I will have way more fun when I have that machine! It's awesome! My mother in law is the best!

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